Afternoon Baluers,

Here’s some of the best bits on ethical living this week:

Phones and the circular economy: This is a hot topic for me at the mo. You see, my phone (a hand-me-down, thanks mum!) went for a swim. It’s now defunct and I’ve got a new one (another hand-me-down, thanks bro!). But what to do with that old phone? I don’t want it to join the 125 million other handsets lying around unused in the UK. Buy Me Once talk solutions.

Revolution! For me, ethical consumerism is going to be a subtle change over decades, with our descendants wondering how things could have ever been different. Having said that, I love Fashion Revolution’s brute force approach. Fashion Revolution Week is this coming week (23-29th April). They want us all to ask a simple question: #whomademyclothes?

There are also lots of events throughout the week, including this great pop-up + speakers + events from some of Balu’s fav brands.

Plastic. Well I can’t do an update without mentioning the p-word. It turns out the plastic is in the water, and alarm bells are ringing at the World Health Organisation. If we needed a prompt to get real about plastic waste, we’ve got it. (The Guardian)

I usually like making piles but this is going too far. This is what bikes turned bad look like, documented with stunning images (The Atlantic).

And lastly, this is for the soul: the Painted Wolf (BBC Earth)

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The cover image for this blog is taken from Fashion Revolution’s guide to getting involved