You could gift wrap the Island of Jersey with the amount of wrapping paper thrown away each Christmas, of if you lay it out end to end it would stretch around the equator nine times, or to the moon.

Sustainable Baby Steps

Use whatever you have lying around the house to wrap your presents this year.

Sustainable Baby Steps have some tips for avoiding buying wrapping paper altogether, as does the Huffingpost Post.¬†Inhabitat¬†have great tips too – on eco-wrapping among other things. If you haven’t checked this org already, take a look as they’ve got lots of info on eco-friendly living. The Ethical Superstore – great for shopping! – also has some gift wrapping tips tips.

Or check out these great places to buy your Christmas wrapping paper from:

Recycled wrapping paper from The Green Gables

Recycled wrapping paper from The Green Gables