Hello there Baluers,

This week we’re going to focus on great happenings rather than great things. Balu has loads of great things, but you know that already and you’ll go look there if you’re in need. But if you’re not shopping, we’d rather not tempt you. So onwards to our best finds this week….

Old phones! A thing of life. They’re everywhere. There’s at least two in the back of the everything drawer, and very possibly a few in that box of stuff you dumped at your parents’ house the last time you moved. But what to do with them? Fairphone have an answer. They’ve decided to make recycling super easy. Step 1: Get a shipping label from their website. Step 2: Bung your old phone(s) in the post. Step 3: Feel warm and fuzzy as they reuse, recycle or repurpose parts of your old phone, and in doing so reduce demand for metals like gold, copper and palladium.

Plastic. BAD. You’re likely to get at least one mention of single-use plastic from us every week. You see, we don’t like it. Luckily neither do a lot of other people, like David Attenborough who broke our collective heart last year with images of plastic-ridden oceans and unhappy dolphins. As with any heartbreak, good things are coming of it. Like this from campaign from Surfers Against Sewage (yes really), who want to get single-use plastic out of parliament. Who’s your MP? Get on it.

Plastic PS. If you’re wanting to get a little less Plasticy yourself, get going with these tips from the folks at Hubbub.

Fish. For omnivores and veggies alike, fish can be a bit of a confusing grey area in terms of sustainability and ethicality. To eat or not to eat? We don’t know. But while we are figuring it out, we like the Good fish guide from the Marine conservation society . It tells you what is sustainable and why. Turns out tuna should be spared for the the plasticy dolphins. Get reading.

Bad buys: Here at Balu HQ we talk a lot about ethical consumerism, while trying to remember that the most ethical act is not to consumer at all. So it was refreshing to read about Cait Flanders, who learned how to live with less and is keen to show us how. She didn’t shop for a year! Suffice to say it went well. We’re starting with 30 days and going from there.

So that’s the lot this week. See you next time Baluers,

Giselle and Brian


Cover image from BuyMeOnce