Reducing waste at Christmas
Here are a few tips from Balu:
  • Minimise food waste
    • Follow the advice of the wonderful Love Food Hate Waste campaign
    • Put unused food items on Olio to share with those who live nearby
  • Minimise other waste
    • Check out these top tips for recycling wrapping paper – or check out this page if you live in London
    • If you have a real christmas tree, there are lots of ways to recycle it. If you live in the UK, a quick search (including the name of your borough) will bring up your council’s options for recycling christmas trees
  • Prevent unwanted gifts
  • Dispose unwanted gifts well
    • Take clothes and toys to a charity shop if they’re in good condition
    • Or recycle clothes with Clotho or Traid
    • Put unwanted gifts on Olio to share with those who live nearby
And here are some stats on the true cost of Christmas…

Amazon4.1m orders were received by Amazon on the busiest day last Christmas, the equivalent of 47 per second.

The average adult spends £28 on food and drink that will get thrown away. That’s £2.4 billion in total.

Christmas CardsOne billion Christmas cards are sent

300 million crackers are bought

You could gift wrap the Island of Jersey with the amount of wrapping paper thrown away each Christmas, of if you lay it out end to end it would stretch around the equator nine times or to the moon

Christmas Tree Waste8 million real Christmas trees are bought in the UK every year – a six foot tall artificial tree produces 40kg of emissions if thrown on a landfill, compared to a real tree which only creates 3.5kg of emissions if it’s chipped or incinerated

30 per cent more rubbish is produced over the Christmas period

Christmas Dinner20kg is roughly the carbon footprint of a single Christmas dinner. This means that the country as a whole will produce around 51,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from food alone

37 per cent of adults said they received gifts worth an average of £54 that they did not want or use

1.5 million new items for sale were listed on eBay Boxing Day 2011.


….And check out this great infographic on 6 facts on waste at Christmas