In 2015 we decided to try to do something to help the many incredible ethical companies who are fighting the good fight every day to try to transform their industries.

It’s been the most incredible experience. We’ve discovered so many amazing people.

We built a prototype app, we got some users, and we learnt a lot. We even got some funding (thanks!). This allowed us to work on Balu for much longer than we otherwise could have.

We found that Balu opened up a whole new world to us, with so many opportunities to “get involved”. Other incredible projects – projects that paid the bills! – began to encroach on our time. We learnt new skills, made new friends, solved new problems. And the momentum behind Balu stalled.

Then something amazing happened.

While we were working on Balu, a team in New Zealand were doing amazing things with an app called Conscious Consumers. Like Balu, they were trying to connect their users to brands that shared their values. And they were doing something really exciting: by plugging into the New Zealand payment systems they could notify users every time they make a purchase at an ethical store. And vice versa: telling the businesses how important their ethical credentials are to their customers.

Then in 2018, with the NZ market saturated and their sights set high, Conscious Consumers rebranded and launched in the UK as CoGo – this time with the world’s first “ethical wallet”.

This presented a huge opportunity for us. After all, we’re all on the same side – we all want the same thing. This is no time to be competing. So in early 2019 we made the difficult decision to shutter Balu and throw ourselves into CoGo.

It is heart wrenching to finally draw the line under Balu. But it was Balu that led us on this journey and we wouldn’t be here without it. And now our efforts continue with CoGo.

If you were a Balu user, we hope very much you will come join us at CoGo (download the app here).

To be clear, this is not a merger in any way. We are shuttering Balu. The app will be withdrawn from the Chrome Web Store shortly, and we will delete all personal user data soon after. No users will be automatically migrated to CoGo. So, if you want to see what CoGo is all about (and, trust us, it’s the future!), then download it here.