Hello there Baluers,

Here’s the first in our ‘best of’ series. We pick some of our favourite products, campaigns and stories from the week and share them with you. Here we go….

Rocking around the christmas tree 

It’s Christmaaaaaaaas! We’re getting to the t minus one month mark now, so I say let’s get festive. But how to navigate the season while keeping our ethics intact? We’ll talk about this a fair bit over the next month. Here’s a few ideas to get us started:

  • How to buy a sustainable christmas tree…. the debate rages on (Pebble)
  • Decorate like an (ethical) pro . We found some lovely sustainably-made decorations at Little Cherry
  • Problem: The christmas dining table is a bit too warm for a christmas jumper. Solution: a reindeer t-shirt! It’s stylish too. Bought to you by Sunderland’s finest eco-friendly brand, Joined in Life

These are ethically-made options, so if you’re buying things, buy these things! But it goes without saying that less consumption  = more sustainability, so it’s always best to look at other options (make, borrow or get secondhand) before you take the purchase-plunge. 

A few bits to make you smile 

And finally ideas for taking action

  • There’s a lot of talk about plastic in places it shouldn’t be. Riz are doing there bit by organising litter picks. Even better than getting rid of the stuff is that Riz make the litter into board shorts. Get involved, or even take the lead in your area.
  • This is make something week. There are lots of ideas and resources to get you started. Get making!
  • Like Zero waste living but find it tough? Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, according to  Lindsay Miles. Listen to her TED talk for more (TreeHugger)
  • If you’re trying to cut your addition to the dairy industry (like your blogger), get some ideas from on how to ditch the diary (The Food Rush, to whom we attribute our feature image)

See you next week

Giselle @ Balu