Hey there Baluers,

Here’s our round-up of our fav things this week. Enjoy!

On how we live 

  • Traditions should reflect our best side. Yet 7 in 10 Americans said they would skip exchanging gifts this holiday season if their friends and family agreed to it. How about this year we make space for these conversations and make the holidays a stress-free time of year that reflects what we love?
  • When you buy stuff, you get more than you pay for, and not in a good way. In the UK, when we spend £1 on food, we bear the burden of another £1 in hidden costs, including environmental degradation and biodiversity loss
  • Recycling. We all love it but are we doing it right?!

If you’re buying, this is the good stuff

  • Finding shoes with soul: The Good Shopping Guide continue to impress us with ethical league tables. Balu brands Ethletic, Po-Zu and Veja are the top three!
  • Game on:Jenga Ocean is Jenga but better. The blocks are made from 100% recycled plastic from fishing nets
  • It’s warm, it’s woollen and it can be worn six different ways. This is a snazzy and ethical winter addition for a capsule wardrobe, from Nomads
  • Ok, so it’s a little cliché to be talking about socks at Christmastime, but we can’t help it. They make our feet happy and they’re essential. And Thought are giving a pair to Shelter for every pair they sell. Nice.
  • Big shout out to Balu brand Wills, who have gone 100% plastic-free across their supply chain. We salute you!


That’s it for this week. See you next time,

Giselle @ Balu