Why Balu?

There are so many companies working tirelessly to change the way their industry works. They are pioneering new techniques to create and reuse products, in a way that does not harm people or degrade our world.

But in our busy lives, we rely on powerful search engines and colossal distributors. And all too often the results they return force us to compromise on our values.

Balu was born out of frustration with this compromise.

We are a non-profit with a single aim: place the most sustainable, responsibly-sourced products side by side with the mainstream, so consumers can make their own decisions about what to buy.

We’ve got a desktop app and an online directory. Try them out! We’re still small and growing so please forgive any works in progress. You can also send us your opinions on what you want to see, and we’ll try our best to shape Balu to your needs.